Web Assembly is a low-level language meant to be fast, secure and reliable. Today most Browser vendors can run Web Assembly at an incredible speed. C/C++ can compile to a WASM file then you can run the code on the browser near-native speed. We can take existing C/C++ code and run it on the web. For instance, OpenCV is a C++ library targeting real-time computer vision. It is available on the browser, and the speed at which it is running is affordable for web users. …

Hello there,

Today I want to show you how a Singly Linked List looks in Typescript. Of course, there are many ways of doing it. Sometimes it can vary in just a few lines of code, but others are a completely different thing that has the same functionality.

The advantage of creating a Singly Linked List is that we can create a generic data structure. With a generic data structure, we can narrow the kind of data that will be stored in the container. In other words, we have the option to parameterized types.

To begin with, Let’s create the…

A Single linked list is a way to store a list of values in the RAM of the computer. The internal structure of a Linked List consists of interconnected nodes, each node stores a single value and a link to reach the next value. Commonly, the last value of a Linked List is the null value to indicate the end of the list.

A graphical way to represent a Linked List

Let’s implement this data structure using JavaScript. But first, we should take care of some specifics when working with JavaScript:

- The value store for each node could be anything: a number, string, boolean, symbol, another list…

Hi, this is Angel.

In this lecture, we will focus on the Query Type and how to pass extra information to queries, for example, to filter the data that is exposed by the server, limit the amount of data sent by the server, get or drop data if a condition is met, among other things. But, first, let’s learn how to create new types to the Schema.

Imagine that you have an array of objects, and every object looks like the following JSON string:

To load this data into the server we should:

  • Know the path where the JSON file…

Hi, this is Angel.

In this lecture, we will create a server using Graphql and Nodejs. To begin with, let’s respond to the following questions.

What is Graphql?

  • It is a specification to create a declarative query language. With Graphql, we are going to learn a new language to query data.

What is SDL?

  • It is a language to define Schemas.
  • SDL stands for Schema Definition Language.
  • It is the language that we need to learn to create a Graphql server.

What is ApolloServer?

  • ApolloServer is one of the implementations of Graphql that exist in the community. …

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash


A literal is a specific value stored in the computer in a specific format. We can store numbers, text, specific characters, a list of values like a shopping list, and many other things. Each one has its own format and size. Depending on the literal there is a set of operations we can perform on it. If you have numbers, you can add, subtract, and apply many mathematical operations on these number literals. If you have text, you can search for specific information, replace some sentences for some other text, count the number of words, etc. If you have booleans…

Let’s create a new function that will convert an integer number into a list of the binary digits that represents the number. Also, we will check alternative syntaxes for our code.

To start with, I am going to create a function called “tobinary” that will accept just one parameter which is going to be the number to be transformed to its binary representation. The data type of this number could be int or str if the number is a string we will transform it to the integer type.

Let us start creating little bits of software.

In this episode, we are going to create a function to add two numbers. To perform this task we must take into account a few concepts:

  • What is a parameter? This is just information from the outside world that we are going to pass around to our function.
  • What is a data type? This is just the type of information that we are going to use. Just think a little bit about it, we are going to add two numbers, then the type of information that we need are just numbers.
  • What…

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